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4 Ways to Avoid a Huge Branding Mistake

What Kind of Impression Does Your Logo Make?

The world of design is ever-changing; with trends and standards constantly evolving, what’s in right now is likely to be a thing of the past in as little as a few weeks. Keeping up with everything can be daunting and more than a full-time job. But even though things like software and social media are always morphing, there are some things that remain true over time.

logo design tipsA logo, for example, is a company’s main visual component and branding image. It sets the overall tone for what a business is about and conveys its general message. When designed right, a logo will give people a lasting impression that holds true over the years. Think of McDonald’s Golden Arches, if you will. Although they’ve been modified over the years, those Golden Arches are likely to always be synonymous with McDonald’s and bring french fries and happy meals to the mind of every person that sets eyes on them.

The same time-tested effect should be true for every logo out there, but that’s not always the case. For every successful logo comes a load of unsuccessful ones, either thrown together quickly or designed cheaply, they fail to serve a purpose and leave a lasting impression that could be detrimental to the company’s reputation.

To avoid this, there are several logo design tips to keep in mind when considering a logo:

clever logo design tipsKeep it Simple

You’ve heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, right? This theory states that simple design is more memorable and timeless, thus making it more successful. If there’s only one thing you remember from this article, please let it be this.

Less is more; a few clean lines or a simple graphic is all you really need to make a lasting design impression. A simple font is icing on the cake.

logo design tipsHere’s an example of a logo, the London 2012 Olympic logo, that missed the mark.
The custom logotype makes it nearly unreadable. And if people have to work hard to understand your logo, they’re far less likely to remember it or your business.

Make it Versatile

Your company’s logo is its main branding image, which means it’s needed everywhere and must be useable virtually anywhere. It’ll appear not only on your website, but also on printed materials, tags, products, and even promotional items, like tee shirts and ball caps. And although you may end up with more than one version to make this possible, all versions need to be recognizable and nearly interchangeable with the original.

Stick With Appropriate

logo design tipsIn this case, appropriate has more than one meaning. On one hand, it means to avoid using words and images that could be deemed offensive, like anything containing curse words. On the other hand, it means your logo should make sense in relation to your industry. For example, a pizza parlor wouldn’t have a logo made up of flowers or puppies; if an image is used, it would go along with the food industry.

Does anything seem inappropriate about these logos?

Seek Professional Help

Since your logo is such an important part of your company’s success, it’s more than worth hiring a professional to get the job done right. “Winging it” will definitely show in the details and not making it the correct size or format will only end up costing you more (like your reputation) in the long run.  But you don’t want to trust just anybody with this important work; a little bit of research will tell you how experienced a designer is and it’s always a good idea to read their customer reviews.

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