There Is No Such Place As America Book

 Book written by Peter Bichsel

 I have the story of a man who tells stories. I have told him repeatedly that I don’t believe his stories. “You’re lying,” I said, “You’re fibbing, you’re making things up, you’re having me on.”

That didn’t impress him. He continued unperturbed, and when I called out: “You liar, you fibber, you yarn-spinner, you leg puller!,” he gazed at me for a long time, shook his head, smiled sadly and then said so softly that I almost felt ashamed of myself: “There is no such place as America.”

This book integrates custom die-cuts of the Western World’s known existence of “America.” Overtime it reveals more and more of the “fabrication,” as letters show throw the shapes. Will the man believe the myth?


Peter Bichsel | Translated by Michael Hamburger | Calder & Boyars | London | First published in Great Britain in 1971 by Calder and Boyars Ltd, 18 Brewer Street London W1 | Originally published as Kindergeschichten by Herman LuchterhandVerlag GmbH, Neuwied and Berlin. | © Hermann Luchterhand Verlag GmbH, 1969 | © This translation, Calder and Boyars, 1971 | All rights reserved
Art Director and Design
Jared Lantzman
Book Binding
Jared Lantzman
Peter Bichsel