Bankers Grand Prix Getaway

Bankers Grand Prix Getaway Leveraging Salesforce, a contest was created to encourage insurance agents to sell more policies by creating a contest. The top selling agents were invited to the Grand Prix Getaway in St. Petersburg, FL. They got to meet a professional driver as well as an owner of a winery in Napa. I… Read More

Logo Design

Logo Design As a designer, I strive to make sure my logo design work functions in different scales or applications. A logo is usually the initial point of contact between a company or event and a consumer. Here is a small sample of logo design work showing a range of aesthetic styles and different industries. Read More

Fortify IT Solutions Website

Fortify IT Solutions Branding & Website Fortify IT Solutions was an existing IT services firm that broke off from another company and was looking for initial branding, logo & tagline, as well as an online website that function as a lead machine. They were interested in going with the name Fortify, which has deep meanings… Read More

Bankers Direct Mail Campaign

1313 Bankers Insurance Group Direct Mail 3D Campaign Unmarked envelopes were marked with the code 1313 leaving insurance agents to only guess what it was for, but an included note told them to keep them. Every day for 40 days a new envelope arrived. On 1/3/13, the agents received a large envelope with instructions on… Read More
Website Design Pinellas Palm Harbor Largo Clearwater FL

Freedom Guide Branding & Website

Character Illustrations Logo Design Page HeadersBackground Illustrations Icons and Infographics Freedom Guide Branding and Website Freedom Guide was looking for a playful look and feel to be used to target individuals looking for personal freedom. Characters, backgrounds, infographics, icons and a logo was developed and integrated into a new responsive website.  The background images and… Read More

My Jewish Website Design

My Jewish Website branding and web design A marketing and design firm was targeting Jewish non-profit organizations and needed a new look and website that acts as a lead machine. A new brand, sales materials and a responsive Wordpress website were developed. Creative Direction & Design Jared Lantzman Read More

Mission High Tide Package Design

Mission High Tide Package Design Looking to repurpose package design into something that is not tossed in the trash, the package itself is used as a bookshelf, photo frame and digital clock holder. The prototype is made of a plastic material. Creative Direction & Design Jared Lantzman Read More

Arena Football Branding Campaign

Georgia Force Branding Campaign The Georgia Force arena football team was looking for a high impact look and feel for their branding across everything. The Be the 9th Man concept was used to make the fans feel important. The strong rugged look was used with the portrayal of speed and motion. We staged a photo… Read More