Fortify IT Solutions Website

Fortify IT Solutions Branding & Website Fortify IT Solutions was an existing IT services firm that broke off from another company and was looking for initial branding, logo & tagline, as well as an online website that function as a lead machine. They were interested in going with the name Fortify, which has deep meanings… Read More

My Jewish Website Design

My Jewish Website branding and web design A marketing and design firm was targeting Jewish non-profit organizations and needed a new look and website that acts as a lead machine. A new brand, sales materials and a responsive Wordpress website were developed. Creative Direction & Design Jared Lantzman Read More

Bankers Responsive Website

Bankers Financial Corporation Responsive Website Using WordPress, I created a new website for Bankers Financial Corporation, which is the umbrella brand of of many companies in the financial and insurance industries. This responsive site was optimized for various screen sizes and was used as a site to create a gateway and showcase the individual companies.… Read More

PODS® Animated Digital Advertising

PODS® French Canadian Animated Digital Ads PODS Moving and Storage was looking to expand their digital advertising into Canada. They had a series of animated ads previously created, but they were build on an internet platform with no back-up of any original files. New ads were built for different campaigns and sizes in an HTML5… Read More

Restaurant Supply Company Website

Restaurant Supply Company E-Commerce Website The Restaurant Supply Company in the Bahamas looks to expand it's reach with an e-commerce website and the ability to ship to consumers on other islands in the Bahamas. Creative Director Jared Lantzman Web Development Jared Lantzman Graphic Design Jared Lantzman Read More

King Tut Interactive Website

King Tut Interactive Website This King Tut Educational website was in need of an interactive experience to help users learn and discover artifacts. The users must drag the shovel to dig and find the hidden tomb. Once inside the tomb, they must find hints on how to open the doors. Inside the tomb, they can… Read More

Bankers Annuity Web Takeover

Bankers Annuity Web Takeover Bankers Annuity decided to invest in a web takeover for to promote agents to sell Bankers Annuity's Interest Plus+ Package. The theme was using growth and climbing to promote the product to the sales associates. We use a complete web takeover with a mountain climber, climbing equipment, calming scenery and creative… Read More

Signify Studio Website

Signify Studio Website Signify Studio, is a creative studio specializing in web design, graphic design, branding, online business solutions, lead generation, SEO and more. This site is used as a tool to have a web presence as well as an SEO tool to acquire new clients. The site focuses on user experience and clear information… Read More

PODS Associate Portal

PODS Associates Portal PODS Moving and Storage was in need of a redesign of the user interface for the associate resources portal to assist with a better user experience. There were complaints of difficulty with navigation  and finding content. The new organizational structure and flat design enhanced the experience for the users. Design Jared Lantzman… Read More

Falcons NFL Branding Campaign

Atlanta Falcons Branding Campaign The Falcons were looking for some branding consistency. The strategy was to go for a strong and fierce look and feel with excitement. The visual aesthetic was carried across mediums such as schedule magnets, pocket schedules, ROS ads, flyers, tickets and more. Design Jared Lantzman Creative Services Manager Michael Benford Read More