Bankers Direct Mail Campaign

1313 Bankers Insurance Group Direct Mail 3D Campaign Unmarked envelopes were marked with the code 1313 leaving insurance agents to only guess what it was for, but an included note told them to keep them. Every day for 40 days a new envelope arrived. On 1/3/13, the agents received a large envelope with instructions on… Read More

Bucs Commemorative Ticket

Bucs Throwback Commemorative Ticket Goal: Create an item to deliver to fans on gameday, which they may use as a collector's item. The piece was to also promote TE Jimmie Giles' induction into the Ring of Honor. Hess branding was also needed as the provider of the give-away. Solution: Ticket, lanyard and collector's coin. The… Read More

Mission High Tide Package Design

Mission High Tide Package Design Looking to repurpose package design into something that is not tossed in the trash, the package itself is used as a bookshelf, photo frame and digital clock holder. The prototype is made of a plastic material. Creative Direction & Design Jared Lantzman Read More

Vanishing Forest Book

Vanishing Forest Book Design This story talks about deforestation, but ends on a note of promise and hope, as it encourages people to replant. The book itself uses expressive typography and a surprise pop-up element at the end. Creative Direction & Design Jared Lantzman Read More

Arena Football Branding Campaign

Georgia Force Branding Campaign The Georgia Force arena football team was looking for a high impact look and feel for their branding across everything. The Be the 9th Man concept was used to make the fans feel important. The strong rugged look was used with the portrayal of speed and motion. We staged a photo… Read More